Your FULL Financial Report Card

Learn how to improve and maximize your credit rating and save your money!

I want to improve my credit

I want to get out of debt

I want to make a big purchase

I don't have credit yet

I want to improve my credit

You may already have a mortgage or a car loan, but you need to boost your credit profile.

I want to get out of debt

You may be overwhelmed by debt. Don't worry, there is a way out of it.

I want to make a big purchase

You are planning to purchase a home or a car and need financing at a reasonable interest rate.

I am a new immigrant and/or graduate

You are new to the world of credit and would like to learn the right way to handle it.

Trueassess vs Your Credit Report

Your Trueassess Financial Report Card is a personalized report which grades the areas of your financial profile that lenders consider when determining your credit worthiness.

Unlike an Equifax or Trans Union credit report, your Truassess Financial Report Card is a complete review of your ENTIRE financial profile. We help identify weaknesses in your financial profile and provide practical recommendations to increase your Credit Score and overall profile to help you achieve your financial goals.

Your Financial Report Card

You won't believe the way lenders evaluate your financial information...until you see how your True Assess Financial Report Card reveals it all! Your credit scoreis just one of over 15 different areas of your financial profile that banks use to determine your credit worthiness.

  • We grade the areas of your financial profile that lenders consider when determining your credit worthiness.
  • Your personalized Financial Report Card will provide you with suggestions so you can improve your low grades which will result in better credit and a stronger financial profile.
  • When you have straight "A" grades you will notice that the banks will start to compete for your business, you will increase your borrowing power and qualify for the lowest interest rates.


"I had built up a ton of debt over the years and was at the point where my credit was ruined and all of my credit had gone to collections. At first I was afraid to request my Financial Report, but it was the best thing I could have done. It really helped me make some tough financial decisions and helped me learn the kind of professionals that could help me."

S.Khan - Mississauga, Ontario

"We got our Financial Report and were shocked to see that the reason we haven’t been able to get a mortgage wasn’t even because of our credit! Every time the bank turned us down they told us to get our credit report but our credit is good and the credit report told us nothing." "After using your service my Financial Report exposed why the bank thought we were high risk. Needless to say we were able to show our bank other strengths in our financial profile that we didn’t even know was relevant and voila, we just got pre-approved for the mortgage we wanted. If we hadn’t purchased our Financial Report this never would have happened."

G.Chan - Vancouver, BC