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Your Financial Report Card

You won't believe the way lenders evaluate your financial information...until you see how your True Assess Financial Report Card reveals it all!

  • We grade the areas of your financial profile that lenders consider when determining your credit worthiness.
  • Your personalized Financial Report Card will provide you with suggestions so you can improve your low grades which will result in better credit and a stronger financial profile.
  • When you have straight "A" grades you will notice that the banks will start to compete for your business, you will increase your borrowing power and qualify for the lowest interest rates.

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Why You Need It?

The top 5 reasons why you need your True Assess Financial Report Card

1. Find out the reasons why you are, or may be declined for credit.

2. Qualify for lower interest credit and increase borrowing power.

3. Build/improve your credit.

4. Understand how lenders use your information to qualify you for credit.

5. Plan for major purchases like car, home and education.

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"The True Assess Financial Report gives a true picture of your financial situation and how it might impact your chances of qualifying for credit. Applying for credit can seem frightening, but using the True Assess Financial Report really helped me understand the process. Not only was the application easy to complete, but the Financial Report was very thorough and explained why I might have difficulty getting approved for a mortgage. Using this Report, I have been able to make some small but important changes that I know will increase my chances of getting credit-approved."

Shelly S. Toronto, Ontario

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