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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service help me improve my credit and finances?

Our service breaks down your income/expenses/assets/net worth, considers your income type, stability, personal circumstances and more. We use your information to provide you with the strengths and weaknesses to your profile and also tangible, practical steps you can use to make changes immediately.

How is this service different from Equifax, Trans Union or other credit reporting agencies?

Your credit reporting agency is able to report to you the information reported to your credit bureau by your creditors. True Assess is not a credit reporting agency. You enter your information in our easy to use online application and receive a comprehensive report on your personal financial status.

My bank offered to assess my finances for free?

When you go to your bank for a personal assessment, the purpose if to qualify you for their products and services. If you don’t qualify for any of them your bank with usually advice you to request your credit report and will not explain what it is about your financial profile is preventing you for qualifying for the credit. Our assessments are a non biased, third party assessment solely for the purpose of helping YOU improve your credit and finances.

I always pay my bills on time but I still have a low credit score, how can your service help?

Many times a consumer’s credit score can be reduced despite paying their bills on time. One example is the individual who obtains a credit card and then spends the limit thinking that by paying the minimum payment on time every month, that it will build positive credit. By charging your cards to the maximum credit allowed, you will have a negative result to the credit bureau, your credit score will be reduced and the message that will appear on your credit report indicate to your creditors that the amount of your balance in proportion to your credit limit is too high. Our in depth application asks you the questions that will reveal the underlying factors that are affecting your credit to your detriment. Simple changes that can be made to directly impact your Credit and Finances.

Can I use my True Assess Financial Report for other purposes?

A True Assess Financial Report is a useful tool that provides you with an independent, third party professional opinion concerning the current state of your finances. It can be used as a tool to negotiate with creditors, CRA, IRS and even in Small Claims Court. You can use it to propose monthly payment arrangements that fit within your budget when making proposals to your creditors. It can also be used as a means to lay out your information in a clear form when considering consulting a trustee in bankruptcy or credit counselor for help.

What if I live outside of Ontario?

Our service is offered across Canada and the United States.