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Client Testimonials

From time to time we receive testimonials through the site, our Face Book Fan Page and Twitter. We decided to put up this testimonial page so that you can see how True Assess Financial Reports have helped so many Canadians and Americans.

"I had built up a ton of debt over the years and was at the point where my credit was ruined and all of my credit had gone to collections. At first I was afraid to request my Financial Report, but it was the best thing I could have done. It really helped me make some tough financial decisions and helped me learn the kind of professionals that could help me."

Seyed Khan - Mississauga, Ontario

"I just tried out your service and I loved it. I found my True Assess Financial Report easy to read and realized that I can consolidate my debt and avoid bankruptcy after all. Thanks a million."

L. Johnson – Paramus, New Jersey

"I had to email you because I can’t believe that my Financial Report was the difference between selling my house and realizing that I could refinance it and pay debt, despite being self employed. I had no idea that there were companies out there who could help me and just assumed I had bad credit because the bank said no. Your service is really affordable and made a huge difference to me."

J. Sanchez – Chicago Illinois

“I decided to write to you because I think your service is really great. Years ago my husband and I had a rough patch financially. We have worked hard in the past few years to rebuild our credit and that bad time is long behind us. We used your service a couple of months ago and my True Assess Financial Report really showed me how making some simple changes could drastically improve my credit. Just by paying my Sears balance down by $250 my credit score went up over 20 points. I recommend that any person who cares about their credit, get a True Assess Financial Report.”

M.Corelli – Toronto, Ontario

"We got our Financial Report and were shocked to see that the reason we haven’t been able to get a mortgage wasn’t even because of our credit! Every time the bank turned us down they told us to get our credit report but our credit is good and the credit report told us nothing." "After using your service my Financial Report exposed why the bank thought we were high risk. Needless to say we were able to show our bank other strengths in our financial profile that we didn’t even know was relevant and voila, we just got pre-approved for the mortgage we wanted. If we hadn’t purchased our Financial Report this never would have happened."

G. Chan - Vancouver, BC